The dean's message

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences –University Fehmi Agani

As  the dean, I have the privilege and the honor to lead the Faculty of Social Sciences, focused on providing the highest quality of education  ensuring that all students and graduates are able to contribute to their field and consequently strengthen communities. where they live and work.

The Faculty of Social Sciences with the program Social Care and  Welfare, will fulfill one of the obligations of higher education in Kosovo, which is the preparation of students in providing care and social services. In the coming years we will continue with other programs, which are based on the supporting staff for meeting the needs of the labor market in Kosovo and beyond.

The establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences, respectively the program "Social Care and Welfare" is based on the following important reasons:

- The existence of the University which proudly bears the name of the esteemed professor and sociologist Fehmi Agani without having a faculty of social sciences would be meaningless. Therefore, it is our privilege to contribute to the generating of new generations of sociologists following the steps of prof. Fehmi Aganit.

- The great needs of society. The faculty of Social Sciences is a Faculty that encompasses the orientation and the care for the groups of children, adults, elderly, marginalized groups by society, monitoring their development, their socialization and re-socialization in society.

- The lack of professional staff in a long period of 20 years made it impossible for the universities of Kosovo to open new study programs such as: Social Care and Welfare, where demands from society were and are still growing.

- The Faculty of Social Sciences is very special and necessary in Kosovo, as the requirements for such a program are necessary for all levels and age groups of society  in Kosovo.

So, you are invited to continue exploring our website in order to be informed about the Faculty of Social Sciences, about our programs, about the academic staff and be a part of us!