Quality Assurance Commission

The Commission for Quality Assurance of the academic unit aims to determine the procedures and mechanisms of quality assurance at the level of the academic unit in order to improve and achieve the highest level in educational, scientific, professional and administrative activities of the academic unit.

The Quality Assurance Commission of the academic units is responsible for:

  • realization of quality assurance and evaluation activities within the unit;

  • continuous supervision and periodic review of study programs;

  • progress of the accreditation process of the programs;

  • verification of self-assessment reports of existing programs and new programs;

  • analyzes the passing scores of courses and proposes the measures to be taken;

  • monitors the degree of student satisfaction with study programs;

  • monitors, collects and reports data on the university dropout rate;

  • monitors and analyzes teaching infrastructure and support serviles.

The developed activities of the Quality Assurance Commission are carried out to identify elements that require intervention to improve the existing situation in the academic unit and to ensure continuous quality advancement.

The Committee for Quality Assurance at the faculty level consists of:

  • Coordinator for quality assurance at the faculty level and who is also a member of the Central Quality Assurance Commission;

  • A lecturer / assistant; and

  • A student with an average grade of over nine and who is fluent in English.

The composition of the Quality Assurance Committee is:

Prof. Ass. Dr. Sherif Sejdiu – Coordinator,

Ass. Granit Kelmendi - Member

Jeton Plava – Member

Meriton Binakaj – Member

The decision on the establishment of the Commission for Quality Assurance, Faculty of Social Sciences


Evalutaion Reports:

Indicators for assessing the performance of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Summary evaluation report of academic staff and subjects by students (Winter semester 2022/2023) - Faculty of Social Science

Summary evaluation report of academic staff and subjects by students (Winter semester 2021/2022) - Faculty of Social Science