UFAGJ students participate in psycho-social activities

UFAGJ students participate in psycho-social activities

In continuation of the cooperation between the University "Fehmi Agani" in Gjakova and the non-governmental organization Medica Kosova, student Arlinda Muslija from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Care and Welfare, has participated in the role of intern in the psycho-social activities carried out by Medica Kosova with primary school students in grades 6-9.

These psychosocial activities with students were aimed at raising the coping capacities of students during or after exposure to various forms of violence or the situation with Covid-19.

Students from the following schools have participated in these activities: "Emin Duraku", "Yll Morina", "Fehmi Agani", "Mazllum Këpuska" and "Zekeria Rexha".

These activities were intended to raise the students' capacities on how to manage their emotions, to increase self-esteem and communication, stimulate imagination, expand the scope of actions, increase concentration skills, etc.

The project was carried out at Medica Kosova and was supported by the Kosova Women's Network funded by the Office of the European Union (EU).